Megan E. Fischer

I am a…

Technical services librarian at a small public library in south Austin.

My resume spans two states and a spectrum of roles and responsibilities not only within libraries but also in the film, radio, publication and events planning industries. Each experience came with its own skillset and further developed my capacity to not only adapt to the demands of any job, but to pick up and run with the ‘above and beyond’ opportunities that are common in every work environment.

I have put these skills to use in finishing my masters in information science, and into my current job. Strengths in outreach, creative programming and digital studies make me well suited for public libraries, academic institutions, alternative archives or corporate development environments that are ready to think differently about data and to explore how new technologies can reinvent their processes.

While furthering my education at the iSchool, I’ve gained skills complimentary to my employment experiences and in line with my professional goals. I have worked extensively at Concordia University as an assistant technical librarian where I wrote a processing guidebook for future cataloguers at the university. My experiences have also been in digital studies including digitization and the humanities and over 200 hours of hands-on experience in archives where I developed vast, practical knowledge of cataloguing with a variety of programs. In the past two years I have also had the opportunity to work with 3D objects (one of a kind props and costumes) as well as traditional paper and digital born items.


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