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Genre Based Organization

I recently started working in a unique archive setting and the more I learn there about how they organize things (whenever I am not basking in the joy of working for wonderful people doing amazing fun things) the more I think about what structures people use to catalogue and organize things in libraries. At Concordia where I work we use the Library of Congress for our system.

Yes, I spend a bit too much time thinking about catalogues and organization when I should be enjoying my summer in LA by basking in the sun at the beach.

Instead I am working on a paper for my metadata class and my topic of choice is how to organize public/academic libraries with things OTHER then dewey (my nemesis) and LC.







Here are  few librarians personal blogs regarding genre based libraries and I am considering using this and FRBR for the main focus of my paper.  Must keep searching and start the note taking. Oh organizational schemas, I do adore you.

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