Personal Projects

In American alone there are

  • 32 NFL teams
  • 30 Major League Baseball teams
  • 30 NBA teams
  • 30 National Hockey League teams.

Currently in the roller derby world there are

  • 1510 Amateur Leagues worldwide.
  • 820 of those in the US.
  • 198 leagues are WFTDA Full Members
  • More then + 97 leagues are WFTDA Apprentice Leagues

And that is just modern women flat track roller derby. There are also banked track (RDCL) renegade, mens, and co-ed.

Since it’s beginnings in Austin, Texas more then 10 years ago, modern roller derby has become the fastest growing sport in the world. Every year more leagues are springing up around the world. I see this as the perfect time to create a collection of roller derby related articles. I have taken it upon myself to start collecting everything from flyers, shirts, stickers, programs, notes etc.

A personal pet project, I hope to one day do something and fully represent modern roller derby to the fullest. I am currently working on building a website for digitized representations of items and creating a system of organization.

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