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Singing in the Libraries

WARNING: This post may have been a bit disjointed, I am getting over a cold and am logged down from travel for weddings. There are lots of broadway references and personal tidbits. I still remember the first time I saw a broadway show. It wasn’t on broadway, it was at the Majestic Theater in San […]


When I attend ER&L 2013 this past spring I was lucky enough to get to sit in on a session held by Lisa Carlucci Thomas of DESIGN THINK DO  It was super keen to hear about branding in regards to libraries. The other librarians had some amazing ideas, and the whole session was really inspiring. […]

Deweyless Libraries Tumblr

Deweyless Libraries Tumblr A really cool tumblr that reports on libraries that are going Dewey free. Full of really cool articles, links and videos. I am really interested in what people around the country and even the world are doing when it comes to removing an outdated system that is directly involved in their entire organizational […]